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I’ve been checking out the tons of interesting links around about extreme simple living.  What do you think?

1.  Freegans: Check out this blog to see how to use dumpster remains for tasty supers! Woah….

2.  (From Treehuger) A bike powered trailer!  So cool!

Brian has perfected the fabrication of an all-weather enclosure that is light, insulated, very stable, and road worthy. This model is 8′ x 4′ and weighs only 80 pounds. It has a spacious interior that fits a sleeping adult (or two?), has many interior shelves, and is priced to sell (he’s asking $1,950 but says he’ll take offers). He can modify the hitch custom for any bicycle.

4.  This is one of the most talked about stories right now: Van living at Duke. Read his story: Here and here.  As a grad student living on the cheap, I can definitely understand his struggle.  At the same time, I question the gendered privilege he exhibits… have you ever heard of a woman hitchhiking 7,000 miles???

These guys are taking it to the extreme!  Be guaranteed that you will find much more moderate posts on frugality here, but it’s always good to see what people are doing as food for thought and inspiration… if they can do it, so can we!!!


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