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Edible Experiments are my trial-and-error attempts at replicating dishes from various blogs, forums, and online databases. I try them out, rate them and pass the info on to you. To check out the whole series, click here.

In my last Edible Experiments, I confessed by love of Gluten Free Goddess’ Recipes. Today, the cat is out of the bag, I wouldn’t be a gluten free gal without loving Shauna of GlutenFreeGirl, writer, bloger, and fellow sans gluten lifestyler. However, one of the reasons I haven’t been able to get into her posts that much, is that I’m not a total foodie. I’m not really interested in tasting olive oils for instance, or spending all of my time thinking about food… so sometimes her posts are a little bit out of my reach. But, to be fair, I have used her insights a number of times. Most recently, a roasted chicken.

My local market had whole free range chickens for about $2.50/lb. If that’s not a good deal, I’m not sure what is. So we bought the chicken. But what to do with it? I remembered a post I saw, so to Shauna’s blog I went

1. The directions she gives for this chicken is a little confusing- defat, but don’t take off the skin. Since most of the fat is in the skin I was a little confused. Also, since I had a free range chicken, there wasn’t a whole lot of fat on it. I cut off one or two pieces and hoped for the best.

2. Roasting pan. for a chicken? We need to market one that is the right size. I ended up using a 13×9 pan and filling the extra space with some cabbage I had on hand, not in her recipe, but tasty none the less.

3. I also used a little less garlic, about 9 cloves, instead of her recommended 15.

The results? See for yourselves….

Yes, juicy, tasty and possible one of the best roast chickens we have had in a long time. I loved the paprika on top. It was flavorful, and I thought the saltiness was just perfect. Not too much fuss, and it was an easy, through it in the oven and forget about it kind of a dish. Perfect for dinner parties, special dates or even for the holidays! Overall, a very strong recommendation for Shauna’s Roast Chicken!! Check out the vegetables! My Conclusion…. Gluten Free: 5/5 chicken is of course naturally gluten free. Ease of Directions: 4/5 only because of the confusing “defatting” direction. Weeknight Friendly: 5/5 This is a stick it in and forget about it kind of a dish. Taste: 5/5 Like I said, best roast chicken I’ve had in a while! Frugality: 4/5 Whole chicken is really a great way to cook because you can get a lot of bang for your buck. That said, meat is rarely frugal friendly for many of us. You can get a lot more out of the chicken by saving the bones for stock… (guess what’s in my freezer!)


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