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Santa Barbara 2009

Santa Barbara 2009

This weekend, we had planned to take a little tent into the San Gabriel Mountains.  We wanted to just pack up a backpack with the essentials: a homemade loaf of gluten free bread, a jar of peanut butter, a few cans of wild caught salmon, and the remaining few nectarines from our cash crop a few weeks ago.  Sadly, a wildfire broke loose about 4 miles from our planned destination.  No camping in the San Gabriels for us.  It was a little sad because I, for one, had been excited about exploring the mountains right at our footsteps.  We have been living in the area for about 3 years total and since internships and stressful jobs have finally ended, we were excited about taking advantage of the spare time and proximity to wilderness.  Alas.

So, we went ahead and packed our bags and headed up to the costal town of Santa Barbara.  Actually, we kind of just threw things into the car.  Since I was offered the chance to TA for a professor on Friday, we didn’t have much time to get ready.  Off we went!  A little more than 3 hours, two snacks, and a rude encounter with a state park ranger, we were worse off than we started.  Little did we know that this weekend and next were the most popular travel times and that state park beaches were some of the most popular destinations for the thousands of LAers fleeing the smog and smoke of the city.  I almost cried.  But thanks to the Musician’s ingenuity and the data plan on our phones, we managed to snag a camp site 30 miles away in a little town called Buellton, CA at the Flying Flags RV resort and campground.

Let me just say that the Flying Flags was really a resort.  A full sized pool, laundry facilities, a game room and cable TV hookups were certainly luxuries we were not expecting.  Our little tent almost seemed pitiful next to the enormous bus-sized RV’s.  But we were happy. In actuality, the whole affair was rather primitive.  We hadn’t brought any heating implements, and only had brought some essentials in terms of food.  We forgot soap, our pillows, a towel, and to top it off, the Musician had actually thought that we wouldn’t need two sleeping bags and we had a fitful nights sleep attempting to share one bag for the two of us, cuddling against the night air.  What is your first year of marriage all about if not roughing it and having that newly-wed glow change the most humble of pumpkins into a carriage?

Other highlights from the weekend included eating bread and peanut butter for breakfast, we spent most of Saturday on the beach, walking on the sand, swimming a little (plus eating bread and peanut butter for lunch!).  We ate dinner at Pea Soup Anderson’s, which was right in Buellton.  (I got tired of eating bread and peanut butter after 3 meals and insisted we splurge a little).  On the way back, we stopped in the Danish town of Solvang.  We walked through the quaint shops and the Musician consumed a very large cinnamon pastry, or was it a Danish danish?


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