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I’ve been riding my buddy to and from school with a delightful joy bubbling deep within.  I laugh at the cars and feel slightly giddy at saving so much fossil fuel.  I have gotten the gumption to go around the long lines of cars stopped at South Pasadena High School and think, “I bet you soccer moms are jealous!”

Yesterday, I did not laugh however. Yesterday, I cried.   This was due to a small insect, namely a bee that flew directly into the crease between my helmet and face and began to sting me.  I don’t think I calculated the pain of a facial bee sting into my cost of riding the buddy.  OWWWWW!  I managed to safely pull into a parking lot before bursting into tears.  Currently, I now resemble someone infected by elephantitus, though the Musician claims I look as beautiful as ever, I know that the entire right temple is swollen to twice the size.

My courage has not waned however, and that very ride proved the utility of riding a 125cc since I was able to scoot out of the parking lot across 3 lanes of stopped traffic and into the left turn lane.  (Safely, of course, don’t worry Dad!)  I’m ready for the next adventure, which is perhaps coming sooner than I want it since it is raining today for the first time this season.  A week too soon for the shipping of my waterproof pants!  Ride on!


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