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This week, after reading, Kitchen Stewardship’s post on homemade gifts for children I became inspired to reflect on my personal history of making homemade Christmas gifts…

Age 5, a putty filled meat tray became an elegant work of art with my hand print in it.

Age 6, Polaroid picture with Popsicle sticks, a little glitter glue and SHAZAM, a wonderful ornament for the tree.

Age 8, cardboard cutout, some white yarn… a sheep!

Age 10, I begin sewing little stuffed animals, just for decoration.

Age 11, does any one remember shrinky-dos?  In the 90’s they came in awesome gold colors.  Earrings for everyone!  (including Dad, if I remember correctly?)

Age 12, was really the year for clay, animals, beads, people, you name it.

Age 13, sophistication set in, pubescent and awkward, I discover hygene and want everyone else to also:  Homemade soaps!

High School: Knitted scarves and a few hats.

College:  I’m not sure I even remembered Christmas in college!  I was always so tired from finals.

Post-22, I begin making art: paintings, photography, and collages for my friends and family.  I think they all turned out really well, they’ve all been really appreciated at least.

This year:  Wedding aftermath, we are mostly giving prints from our wedding, hopefully framed.

What about you?  What are you giving this year?


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Our first Thanksgiving was held in our trailer with our lovely family in addendance.  We missed the Musician’s side in Boulder and my bro in Bloomington, but my sis and parents were here.  We served a roast duck from Sam Woo Chinese deli along with traditional American sides (with a twist!)–gluten free cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, bacon fried sweet potatoes and a butternut spice tofu pie with almond crust!  Food was amazing and it turning into a lovely low key day.  We walked through the neighborhood and admired the lovely gardens, hiked up an abandonded hill to view the LA sky line and ate lovely cheeses.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving and our plans, and I decided to include some of my “research” regarding hosting and preparing a frugal thanksgiving.  Frugality is what thanksgiving is all about: saving resources in the way of energy, time, money, and the environment in order to better spend it on family, friends, and the things that matter most.  Check out some of these links.  Hope they help you in your planning this year!






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We all know the line from the Charlie Brown Christmas movie, when Lucy says “we all know that Christmas is run by a big Easter syndicate.”  Tell me about it!  There’s halloween, valentines, easter, mothers day…. Not that those things aren’t important, but can you just think if you didn’t celebrate those holidays what kind of money you would save?  So… I ran the numbers for a typical halloween for a couple:

pumpkin x 2 @ $7 = $14

candy x 2-3 bags for doling out @ $3 = $6

Cupcakes for a party potluck = $12.00

Rounds of drinks = $15+

Costumes @ $20 x 2 = 40

Total Ghoulish Halloween cost = $67 !!!!

So, what did we do this year?  We made up our costumes from clothes in our closet, got a free pumpkin from work (okay that may be cheating), made some cupcakes from a mix, dressed them up with some spiced cream cheese spread, saved the pumpkin seeds for roasting and drank a glass or two of good ol’ Charles Shaw.  Our total halloween cost?  A much more manageable  $7  Phew, glad to have that $60 still in my pocket!

Here are some highlights.  Our married pumpkin, the roasting seeds and wonderful cupcakes!

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