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It’s been a while since I’ve written about my Frugality Project: How to live simply, save the earth, save your health and save money in the process… A lofty goal, but we can all take small steps!

I came across this article from NPR about food scarcity in the United States and how government programs aim to help people like the family featured in the article. Some of the articles highlights are below:

Image Credit: PamFessler/NPR

The Williamson family of Carlisle, Pa., is among those who struggle for food. They’ve been in and out of poverty for years.

Connie Williamson and her husband, Butch, have an 8-year-old son and two teenage girls, including one who is pregnant. Connie says her sister and brother-in-law also spend a lot of time in the Williamsons’ small apartment because they’re homeless right now.

“It makes it a challenge for the food to stretch sometimes,” she says….

Families like the Williamsons rely on a patchwork of government programs to survive. Soup kitchens and food pantries help fill in the gaps. They also get $600 in food stamps from the program now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

The article continues to interview the Williamsons family and talk about the struggle to obtain nutritious, healthy food and to stay under their small budget. (I recommend reading the whole article) I sympathize. I totally get the need for government support.

But at the same time, I don’t… $600/month? For 5 people? That makes for $120/person/month. To me, this seems crazy. The Musician and I spend only $125/person. Often we eat organic food, we also purchase gluten free specialty items quite often, probably totaling to over $10-$20/month. If you remove this, we would probably spend no more than $110. There are months that we have spend under $100/person, easily. Usually, we like to eat cereal and buy organic cheese, and host a dinner party or two… you know, live a little.

So when I heard this NPR article complaining that a family runs out of food with $600 allotted, I just couldn’t really believe it.


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I spoke to my friend and lovely host of The Gifted Blog today about her series tutorial tryouts. I’ve always admired her for her unique ideas and decided to co-opt this idea for our own blog here. While I don’t really have time to be super crafty, I do have time to cook! (Well, okay mostly I make time to cook so I can eat, which I always have time for!) Thus, this is a new series of posts to document my trials of various recipes floating around on the internet. Also, this maybe news to some of our readers: I am gluten free, which means I don’t eat any wheat, barley, or spelt. I do sometimes eat oatmeal in small quantities, so all the recipes I try are gluten free. However, with a few quick shifts, they can all be adapted to suit any diet.

So what do you guys think? What should I call this series?

Here’s a hint at the first post of this series…

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IMG_0035Well I’ll be… look at what the 99 cent store has turned up this time!  Organic products!!  We’ve personally made a move to incorporate more organic foods into our diets, but only when the cost is justifiable.  With the rise of  popularity in organics, they are becoming more affordable and more available.  Just a few items we buy regularly from the 99 store: organic garbanzos for making hummus, organic raisins for our homemade granola, organic vegetable broth for a plethora of soups and side dishes, and organic rice milk in three different flavors!  All for 99 cents!  I’ve done price comparisons around and we have the most affordable goods here and what is more, I think the 99 cents store purchases the “extras” from distributors so we are really cutting down on corporate waste too!  Hurray!

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Sweet Potatoes

I know, usually people write about gardening vegetables in the summer and spring, but since we live in southern California, we still have a month or so of growing season left.  Even then, I think that our veggies will do pretty well throughout the winter.

I’ve always been somewhat of a gardener.  When I was about 13 or 14, I decided that I would make a raised bed in the backyard.  I built it from the timber scraps I found from our fence building project, dug up the dirt with a pick axe and proudly showed my parent’s when they got home from work!  I think they were pretty shocked, but it went over okay.  We soon planted swiss chard, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and of course zucchini.   Gardening became a past time for me and a pretty good stress releaser.  When I moved away to college, I really missed gardening and the first thing I did when I moved into an apartment after college was to get some plants.

Since we live in a trailer park now, we have a pretty nice little porch area that we can put a lot of pots and plants on.  Throughout the summer, our tomato plant yielded fruit about twice a week, enough cherry tomatoes to make a nice salad or pasta with.  Our zucchini did not do as well, as you can see in this picture, one little veggie is all we have had!

I hope to see some sweet potatoes soon, and we’re getting set up to have some more herbs.  I hope that by gardening, we can learn to appreciate the earth more, we can learn to appreciate the real fruit of our labor.  I hope that by gardening and eating our produce we can help save the earth just a little.

What about you?  Why do you garden? What do you grow?

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One of the easiest, most trackable changes we have been making in our journey towards frugality is through food.  Many, many bloggers write about menu planning and grocery aisle stalking and whether or not to buy organic or not…. So I’ll save that type of post for another day.  I wanted to write about a recent discovery that I have made in my student/wife life that is what I call “two fors”  A two for is a meal that you make mostly once, but then for the second night add in something different or exciting to make it a whole new meal.  So far, I have found that salads work well for one night, mix with noodles on the second and you have two totally different meals.  So far we’ve tried a cabbage based salad with braised tofu and peanut sauce, the next night simply adding thai rice noodles (I think we decided that next time we would saute the cabbage a little) and some crushed peanuts for pad thai!  I’ve seen other ideas such as roasting a chicken one night, then using the meat for tacos.  But I’m looking for meals without a lot of fuss, does anyone have any ideas other than the salad/pasta combo?

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