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Edible Experiments are my trial-and-error attempts at replicating dishes from various blogs, forums, and online databases. I try them out, rate them and pass the info on to you. To check out the whole series, click here.

In my last Edible Experiments, I confessed by love of Gluten Free Goddess’ Recipes. Today, the cat is out of the bag, I wouldn’t be a gluten free gal without loving Shauna of GlutenFreeGirl, writer, bloger, and fellow sans gluten lifestyler. However, one of the reasons I haven’t been able to get into her posts that much, is that I’m not a total foodie. I’m not really interested in tasting olive oils for instance, or spending all of my time thinking about food… so sometimes her posts are a little bit out of my reach. But, to be fair, I have used her insights a number of times. Most recently, a roasted chicken.

My local market had whole free range chickens for about $2.50/lb. If that’s not a good deal, I’m not sure what is. So we bought the chicken. But what to do with it? I remembered a post I saw, so to Shauna’s blog I went

1. The directions she gives for this chicken is a little confusing- defat, but don’t take off the skin. Since most of the fat is in the skin I was a little confused. Also, since I had a free range chicken, there wasn’t a whole lot of fat on it. I cut off one or two pieces and hoped for the best.

2. Roasting pan. for a chicken? We need to market one that is the right size. I ended up using a 13×9 pan and filling the extra space with some cabbage I had on hand, not in her recipe, but tasty none the less.

3. I also used a little less garlic, about 9 cloves, instead of her recommended 15.

The results? See for yourselves….

Yes, juicy, tasty and possible one of the best roast chickens we have had in a long time. I loved the paprika on top. It was flavorful, and I thought the saltiness was just perfect. Not too much fuss, and it was an easy, through it in the oven and forget about it kind of a dish. Perfect for dinner parties, special dates or even for the holidays! Overall, a very strong recommendation for Shauna’s Roast Chicken!! Check out the vegetables! My Conclusion…. Gluten Free: 5/5 chicken is of course naturally gluten free. Ease of Directions: 4/5 only because of the confusing “defatting” direction. Weeknight Friendly: 5/5 This is a stick it in and forget about it kind of a dish. Taste: 5/5 Like I said, best roast chicken I’ve had in a while! Frugality: 4/5 Whole chicken is really a great way to cook because you can get a lot of bang for your buck. That said, meat is rarely frugal friendly for many of us. You can get a lot more out of the chicken by saving the bones for stock… (guess what’s in my freezer!)


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Edible Experiments is a series designed to test out recipes from various blogs, websites and cookbooks. Enjoy!

Readers, if you are like me, you would never have guessed what recipe this first edible experiment post will feature. But, this was a compelling experiment and I wanted to give it a try.

I regularly read several gluten free blogs for meal ideas, support, and information. One of my favorite blogs to read is Karina’s Kitchen. She has beautiful photographs and almost all of her recipes have turned out great. In fact, you may find that I regularly try out her recipes and may feature them with this series. After being introduced to delicious Asian-Mexican Fusion, I was itching to try out my hand at some of my own fusion. Then I stumbled across this recipe for Turkey Meatballs with Asian Noodles, which simply screamed “try me!” So what could I do? Try them I did. Check out the results.

Delicious! First, according to her recipe, Karina calls for a blend of three herbs: mint, cilantro, and parsley. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the mint on hand; I have yet to cultivate mint in my porch pots. So, I left it out. I use Trader Joes Turkey, which is affordable and guaranteed hormone-free. For bread-crumbs, I used part of a loaf I mixed up in my bread maker. I found it reasonably easy to form the meatballs, although, I may have made them a bit large and both the Musician and I ended up cutting them up to distribute equally with our pasta. For noodles, again Trader Joes was my hero, since they have Thai-style rice noodles. Making the trek to Asian supermarkets is well worth it, but we have been trying to ride our bikes to the grocery store, so TJ’s it is! Everything else, we did according to her recipe. In the end, I found the noodles a bit dry and added in a bit more Tamari and sesame oil over the top.  If I were to make it again I would make the meat a day ahead since the flavors were very strong and didn’t quite meld in a nice way I would have liked them too. Leftovers were perfect however, and the meatballs kept quite well. Rice noodles are not known for their longevity however, so plan accordingly.

Overall, a tasty treat fit for a dinner party or gathering of friends, a bit complicated for a weeknight dinner, and made great leftovers. In short, Turkey Meatballs with Asian Noodles gets a strong recommendation from our trailer.

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I spoke to my friend and lovely host of The Gifted Blog today about her series tutorial tryouts. I’ve always admired her for her unique ideas and decided to co-opt this idea for our own blog here. While I don’t really have time to be super crafty, I do have time to cook! (Well, okay mostly I make time to cook so I can eat, which I always have time for!) Thus, this is a new series of posts to document my trials of various recipes floating around on the internet. Also, this maybe news to some of our readers: I am gluten free, which means I don’t eat any wheat, barley, or spelt. I do sometimes eat oatmeal in small quantities, so all the recipes I try are gluten free. However, with a few quick shifts, they can all be adapted to suit any diet.

So what do you guys think? What should I call this series?

Here’s a hint at the first post of this series…

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